I am tentatively calling this blog Desiderata. It’s a word I stumbled across just the other day. It’s the plural of desideratum, something considered necessary or highly desirable. The essence of something. The essential part.

It could be considered a bold name for a personal blog, I suppose. I have no illusions of penetrating the mysteries of life the universe and everything. But, I do need a place to talk about the things that feel essential to my life right now.

I already have a blog full of the fluff of everyday life. I enjoy that blog, but it doesn’t feel like a place to be introspective. To consider the details of life when they stray beyond making tomato jam and painting my bathroom.

Jam and purple walls are all very well and good, but I’ve got stuff to say about love and sex and relationships that just don’t quite seem like they belong next to recipes for coleslaw and pictures of my garden. So, I am going to put them here.

Brace yourselves.