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I created this site to, I dunno, air things out a bit. I was feeling a bit stale and stagnant, I guess. I think I was chaffing just enough to wanted to whine a little without really needing or wanting to go through the difficulty of addressing relationship ISSUES with Jack.

I had been thinking for awhile that my life needed more romance. Not the kind that the woman’s magazines recommend, though. Gah. Yes, yes, making time for a partner is excellent and very important. But, lighting candles, taking a bubble bath together or rubbing one’s partner with fruity massage oils all seem just so…contrived. A pathetic stab at simulating romance in what I can only hope is a “fake it ’till you make it” plan of action. Admirable in intention, but just not something I could ever do with a straight face.

I was thinking about trying a little harder with the online dating thing to see if that might not put a bit more spring in my step.

But, now Jack is on some sort of super crazy fast track to love and romance with this new girlfriend of his. Seriously, we haven’t even made it to the end of week three since they met. As in three weeks ago they had never actually laid eyes on one another. And, yet, here we are 2.5 weeks later, and I have already heard vast chunks of her life story, met her husband, her two best friends and the guy who rents a room from her. We all had Thai food last weekend. It was fun.

And, all of this whirlwind of happy and sexy is spilling over into my life too. Talking about this new relationship means talking about our relationship. It’s nice this talking thing. Refreshing. I think I like it.