Last night Farran did something with his fingers that blew my freakin’ mind. I am always surprised by how hard it is tell exactly what is going on in one’s very own vagina. Good and bad are so clear, but the details are just so hard to decipher. One finger or two? Two or three? “Come hither” or something else? Can you tell? They feel different, certainly, but can you distinguish one from the other without any other cues?

Anyway, I can’t, but do know when I like something, and I liked this. I think it was something with lots of pressure on my g-spot. I am usually one of those too-much-in-their-own-head types, and I actually have to remind myself sometimes not to get distracted or feel self conscious during sex. But, not last night. Last night I had a few flashes of holy shit, was that me making that sound?, and then I was lost in the moment again. I like it when that happens.


In other news, Jack’s “New Relationship Energy” is apparently taking the form of self improvement. All of a sudden he is all about the exercise. So we’ve started running together a few days a week. I took up running after college when I was too poor for a gym membership, but an injury forced me to quit over a year ago.

My foot is better now, so it’s probably a good thing he’s dragging me out there again. But, god is it kicking my butt.

Also, it is completely unfair that he is so much better at running than I am. I mean, sure, I’ve been out of commission for a year. I expect to have to start over, but don’t the years of running and, before that, the years of swimming count for anything? Before this new fitness kick, I don’t think I had seen Jack run 20ft in the seven years I’ve known him.

Is it wrong of me to hope that he is falling into the ever present beginner’s trap of pushing too hard too fast?

I mean it’s not as though I want him to be actually injured. But, maybe some annoying shin splints or something? Would that really be so bad? Just enough so that I can rest secure in my conviction that slow and steady really is the way to go here.

Can I  get away with that?