I have another blog out here in the far reaches of cyberspace. It’s about my garden and my diy projects and what I made for dinner. Also, cute cat pictures.It is completely non-offensive, work safe and suitable for sharing with colleges, casual acquaintances and my mother. I like that blog. It helps me keep in touch with far flung family and friends, reminds me of what I’ve been doing with my time and has hopefully provided a useful recipe or tip to a few people.

I also hold the keys to a long-neglected, anonymous sex blog. I wrote smutty stories and dirty accounts of my sex life there for awhile. But, a sexual rough patch, and a growing feeling that I was just performing for others on that blog have kept me away for quite some time.

Neither of these blogs seems like quite the correct outlet for some things I’ve been mulling over recently. Thoughts about love and sex and feminism that aren’t exactly dirty, but are personal and revealing and not necessarily things I want to share with my mother or my boss. Musings about relationships that I am not entirely sure I want to share with my partner quite yet.  I haven’t told him about this blog yet. I think I will, but I haven’t quite decided yet.


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